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What is this?

This is a public collective prayer. Anyone can add to it anonymously. Everything added is encrypted - locked up with the key thrown away. In one sense, whatever you add is between you and God - in another sense, it is here for all the world to see. Entirely public and perfectly secret.


God meets us where we are. And where a lot of us are these days is the internet. Sometimes thoughts don't feel real unless we share them. Sometimes thoughts mean more when recorded. Sometimes we want to be vulnerable and secure all at the same time. Sometimes we want to pray with other people, but don't know where to start. This is a tiny attempt at beginning to deal with all of these things.

Technical Details

Anything added by users is encrypted client-side using AES-256 encryption. The encryption key is a randomy selected portion of a previous prayer, salted with additional random data. The key is not saved, so the data can never be decrypted. In addition, each user's connection to the site is secured through SSL so that even though the data sent by users is already encrypted, it's also encrypted in transit.

Finally, the web server is privately owned and operated. No data centers, no corporate conglomerates, no cloud, no profits.

Questions? Comments? Smart Remarks?

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